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The Truth about Company Registration Thailand

In many countries around the world, Thailand is the one that recognizes 3 forms of companies, such as sole proprietorships, limited companies and partnerships. Such entities are obliged to comply with the Ministry of Commerce as well as to their registration process. The most typical kind of foreign entity is the limited companies.




Why Do Many Tourists Book Bangkok Escort Girls?

Men are adventurous, thrill-seekers, and pleasure-seekers by nature, this is the reason they book Bangkok escort girls every time they visit Bangkok. They know that the girls that work for Bangkok escort are not only sexually appealing, they are bold and offer a lot of fun and pleasure to them. These girls are not looking for any long-term relationships, so you do not have to worry about remembering their names, phone numbers or birth dates to call them and send messages. They are always ready to offer you their full services for the amount of money agreed upon.


Creating Eye-Catching Logos in Digital Marketing

One important aspect of digital marketing while working with Digital District is creating eye-catching logos. These are logos that immediately draw people to look at them, and can help bring an identity to your brand. Having eye-catching logos is important to draw people in and pay attention to your brand, so it will help to know some tips for creating logos that will get your brand the attention you want it to have.


Dental Tips for Braces

It is possible that one of the things you can have done at PMDC Dental is having braces put on your teeth. If you have braces put on, there are a few things you will need to keep in mind, particularly when it comes to the types of food you eat and how you clean your teeth.



Advantages to Living in Bangkok While Your Kids Attend an International School

There are numerous advantages to living in Bangkok while your child is attending an international school. These advantages can benefit both you and your children.


Travel Tips When Coming To Thailand

If you are travelling abroad for cosmetic surgery in Thailand, not only can you change your appearance, you can also enjoy one of the world’s premier tourist destinations. Below, we offer you a few tips on the Land of Smiles that should help improve your vacation.

Visa For Tourism

Fastest Growing Plastic Surgery Procedures in Thailand

There is no doubt that plastic surgery in Thailand is growing annually but what are the fastest growing procedures? You won’t be surprised to learn that breast reduction, liposuction and breast augmentation are among the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures in Thailand but lesser known surgeries are quickly rising to prominence. Below, we look at 5 of the fastest growing cosmetic surgery procedures.


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Cambodia  Country Report

Mr.Meas Kimsuon and Mr.Kanharith Socheat

China  Country Report

Ms.Chen Jing Jing and Ms.Ying Lin

Laos  Country Report

Ms. Avonechit Vongsiprasom and Ms. Chithpasong Bandith

Myanmar  Country Report

Mr. Kyaw Kyaw Htun and Mr. Win Lwin

Vietnam  Country Report

Ms. Loan Thi Dao and Ms. Dang Thuy Duong

Thailand  Country Report

Ms. Ratchanee Wongsumitr and Ms. Thiranan Anawajsiriwongs


AMSAR Committees

Proceedings and E-Journal of the 7th AMSAR 2009 
Conference on Roles of Medial during Political Crisis
Bangkok, Thailand, 20th May 2009 

Compiled by AMSAR Committees

Table of Contents


Ali A Dashti
The Role of Online Journalism in Political Disputes in Kuwait [1] 

Arjun Das
Political Crisis and Media’s Role towards Conflict Resolution: A Study in Indian Context 

Brian Saludes Bantugan
News: Reportage or Reading? 


HTC Touch Diamond

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