Best International School in Bangkok

Many parents who have children in Bangkok ask the same question every year, “How do I find the best international school in Bangkok” for my children? Most schools realize that it is highly important for children to aim for university entrance, but it also amounts to basically getting what you are prepared to pay for; like you would for houses, cars, mobile phones, etc.  The answer to the above question is that there are a few schools to mention and one of those on the list would be the American School of Bangkok (ASB); a private international school situated in Bangkok. They follow an American curriculum. All teachers are specialized and highly qualified; enabling students to enter into some of the top universities of the world each and every year. Entrance to colleges and universities are available to students to Cambridge, Oxford, Stanford, Harvard, Thammasat, Mahido, to name a few.  Tuition fees for entrance to ASB can be quite costly, but it is because they give a lot towards the best education for your children.

Guided to excel

Because children attending school spend much time with teachers, the quantity and quality of teachers is vital to parents. At ASB, fully qualified teachers with degrees and certificates that are relevant to the subject they teach will be geared to paying attention to your child’s excellent education. Each child is not considered as a number; the teacher’s aim is to bring out the best potential in your child. That is why at ASB you will not find a huge classroom packed with many children inside with a teacher trying to teach and get the lesson over for the day. The American School of Bangkok today is recognized as a best international school in Bangkok and it’s because they try to create outstanding men and women for the future.

The American School of Bangkok(ASB) has two campuses; at the Sukhumvit Campus you will find a full-time guidance counsellor. Counsellors assist students in choosing courses that will lead them on achieve their high school diplomas. They provide excellent guidance on transition difficulties, social skills, interpersonal relationships and other important issues such as peer pressure too. A full-time psychologist is also available so that a child attending ASB is steered towards growing physically, emotionally and academically – way to go.