Why International Schools in Thailand Are Sharply Increasing

A decade ago, Malaysia, the US, India, and China were the strongest international school markets globally. However, Thailand has slowly but surely become a solid international school market over the years. Currently, more than 60,000 international students are studying in Thailand international schools.


Moreover, the number of international schools has grown steadily over the years. At the moment, there are more than 175 international schools in Thailand. So, what’s the reason behind the rapid growth of international schools in Thailand?


AMSAR Thailand Organization discusses the factors behind the rapid growth of international schools in the country. 


A Stable Economy


Four decades ago, Thailand was a low-income economy. In less than four decades, sound economic policies and hardworking citizens have turned the country into an upper-middle economy. Thailand now has very low poverty levels and vigorous growth. The country’s economy grew by approximately 7.5% from 1960 to 1996. This growth helped eradicate poverty and bring more expatriates into the country. 


Despite the country’s challenges recently, it has continued to be an economic powerhouse in Asia. Many expatriates are moving to the country due to favorable economic conditions. 


The Climate


Another reason the number of international schools in Thailand is increasing by the day is the favorable climate and location. Thailand has a favorable climate, making it a top tourist destination globally. Many expatriates are moving into the country due to the excellent weather conditions, increasing the demand for international schools.


More Asian Expatriates Families are Relocating to Thailand


Traditionally, international schools were popular among western expatriates. However, international schools are also increasing as more and more Asian expatriates relocate to Thailand.


The favorable weather and economic growth attract many Asian expatriate families from India, Japan, South Korea, China, and more to move into the country. This has created an increased demand for international schools. 


Final Thoughts


International schools in Thailand have been increasing at a reasonable rate. More western and Asian expatriates relocate to the country due to the favorable climate and economic growth. Many parents are also enrolling their students in international schools since they offer an international curriculum. These schools also have qualified teachers and world-class resources.