What is Mindfulness meditation?

Mindfulness meditation is a technique that allows you to focus on what is happening around you at a particular moment. Essentially, it enables you to get aware of the events around you as well as the current state of your body and mind. Besides focusing on the ongoing, mindfulness teaches you to accept your current state without judgment.

Mindfulness Techniques
As mentioned above, the ultimate goal of mindfulness is to focus on the present without judgment. This state can be achieved through several methods. The most common techniques of practicing mindfulness are:
• Mindfulness meditation –this involves sitting quietly and focusing on either your breathing or a repeated phrase. During this period, you let your thoughts wander without judging them.
• Body sensations – this focuses attention on body sensations such as tingling and itching. You should focus on each part separately.
• Sensory – this focuses on the five senses without judging.
• Emotions – this technique acknowledges the presence of emotions, both positive and negative. However, no judgment is given to either.
• Urge Surfing – this allows you to deal with cravings and desires. Here, you let the craving takes it course without acting on it until it fades away.

Benefits of Mindfulness
Although its origin is Buddhism, mindfulness has since evolved and is commonly used in helping people shift their focus from typical concerns and appreciate life as it is. The following are the benefits of meditation.
Improved Wellbeing
Being mindful means that you enjoy what life throws at you. Focusing on the present allows you to avoid worrying about the future as well as regretting about the past. Moreover, if you practice mindfulness, you are less likely to experience low self-esteem, enabling you to interact better with others.
Better Physical Health
According to scientists, practicing mindfulness meditation can have a positive impact on your physical health. This is because it relieves stress and anxiety, regulates blood pressure, cures insomnia, helps with digestion, and alleviates chronic pain.
Better Mental Health
If you suffer from mental conditions such as depression, substance abuse, OCD, anxiety and so forth, your therapist might integrate mindfulness meditation in their treatment regimen.

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