What To Know Before Getting A Liposuction In Thailand.

Have you been to the gym, worked out hard and still there are parts of your body where the fat has decided to dig in and endure the fight? Or have you been on a diet, you are well on your way to getting that graceful body that you always wanted, but then something somewhere has refused to cooperate? Well, this is for you.

Liposuction Bangkok, Thailand, is a surgical procedure where the stubborn fat is sucked out of your body through small surgical incisions around the affected areas.

• What makes you a candidate?
This procedure is ideal for those who are about to achieve their ideal body weight, it’s just a few pockets of fat left that cannot be reduced or eliminated through dieting and exercise. Liposuction Thailand is best when you have elastic skin and a bot of muscle tone built up. If you have lost weight and you have loose skin, this procedure may worsen the situation.

• What are the risks?
As with any surgery, there are risks associated to having a liposuction Bangkok done. First thing you need to do is conduct extensive research on the best clinics and doctors that conduct liposuction in Thailand to minimize chances of having adverse effects post-surgery.
After the surgery, your skin may appear to have bumps and wavy contours due to the uneven removal of fat. These can be permanent.
It is rare but still possible for you to have a reaction to the anesthetic which can lead to having serious cardiac issues and nervous system breakdowns.
You may feel numb in the area where the suction was performed. This can either be temporary or permanent. This occurs due to nerve irritation by the thin pipe used in the surgery.

• What can you do to prepare?
As is standard in all surgeries, your surgeon may order a full work up on you to determine whether you are fit to undergo the procedure. They may advise you to stop taking certain medications like blood thinners, at least three to four weeks before the surgery.

• What can you expect post-surgery?
There will be some pain and some swelling. In some cases, there may be bruising as well. You may need to wear some compression clothing to help deal with the swelling. This may go on for a few weeks after the surgery. In several months, you will get the appearance you want in the treated areas.

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