Travel Tips When Coming To Thailand

If you are travelling abroad for cosmetic surgery in Thailand, not only can you change your appearance, you can also enjoy one of the world’s premier tourist destinations. Below, we offer you a few tips on the Land of Smiles that should help improve your vacation.

Visa For Tourism
It is possible for passport holders from 48 countries around the world to enter Thailand without having to apply for a visa for tourism. Click here to find out if your country is on that list. No-visa countries include Denmark, Canada, Ireland, United States, United Kingdom and Australia. However, you will not be allowed to stay in the country for more than 30 days in this instance.

What You Should Pack
Please bear in mind that Thailand has an extremely warm climate and you can expect temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) for much of your stay. It tends to stay above 25 degrees Celsius even in December and January! As there are so many beaches, you simply must bring a bathing suit to relax before having cosmetic surgery in Thailand.
It is best if you bring flat footwear you are used to and pack an umbrella; this is especially necessary in September when the average monthly rainfall is over 300mm! If you intend on visiting temples, bring dresses longer than knee length and tops that cover the shoulder as is the local custom.

Many tourists come to Thailand for the incredible bargains they can find in markets and other stores. Bargaining/haggling is permitted unless the employee is wearing an ID card. If you intend to haggle, bring a calculator and determine the currency conversion rate so you don’t make a big mistake! If you’re an early bird, Thailand may surprise you because shops often don’t open until 10am or even later! While all stores in the country have price tags on products, you can still try and bargain as it is possible to shave up to 40% off the original price! Sellers often speak a reasonable level of English and value politeness above all else. If you want to get something for a great price, bring your manners with you along with your wallet!

ATMs & Your Money
There are lots of ATMs in urban Thailand though obviously you will be hard pressed to find one in rural areas! If you are travelling for cosmetic surgery in Thailand, be sure to contact your debit/credit card company before leaving and inform them you will be on holiday. Failure to do this could see your purchases blocked by the newly suspicious financial institutions.
If you elect to travel to Bangkok, try not to be overwhelmed by the sheer size of the city. On the plus side, there are a remarkable amount of attractions and amenities with many of the locals speaking English. It’s also pretty likely you will run into people from your own nation given Thailand’s reputation for tourism. Travelling to Thailand for any reason is a once in a lifetime experience so be sure to carefully plan out your adventure to get the most out of this incredible country.

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