Hotels Near Bumrungrad Hospital

Why should you stay in the hotels near Bumrungrad hospital? Well, the answer is simple – it is the largest private medical facility in Southeast Asia, making it the ideal destination for medical tourists. It is also home to some of the best doctors in Bangkok. The Lohas Residences Sukhumvit Hotel is the standout choice among hotels near Bumrungrad Hospital. This is because it is located just 1 km from the famous medical facilitates. It also has several features that guarantee an enjoyable stay while you receive treatment from the hospital.
Here are the top reasons to choose Lohas Residences over other hotels near Bumrungrad Hospital;
Massage and Spa
Illness can take a toll on your body, leaving you feeling exhausted and worn out. The Lohas hotel has in-room massage services that rejuvenate your body and help you feel better. Moreover, the rooftop has a Jacuzzi and a sauna that can significantly revitalize your body.
Adequate sleep is crucial in the recovery of every patient. The Lohas hotel ensures that all guests get sound sleep by providing a selection of pillows (hard, soft and medium). Even better, there are pillows approved by medical experts to help patients recuperate from tiredness coming from illness.
Peace and Tranquil
Another important element in the recovery of patients is peace and tranquillity. Lohas residences are located in the quieter suburbs of Bangkok, meaning that recovering patients can rest without any disturbances. The lush green fields alongside the hotel also provide unmatched relaxation for medical tourists.
Proximity to the Villa Supermarket
Lohas Residences is a stone throw away from the Villa Supermarket, a world-class shopping centre that offers a wide variety of goods, especially local groceries and meals. The marketplace is easily accessible using the free 24-hour tuk-tuk service provided by the hotel.
Partnership with the Bumrungrad Hospital
Lohas Residences is a partner to the Bumrungrad Hospital. This means that if you are a client of the hospital, the hotel will afford you a tailored experience to assist in your recovery. This includes getting prioritized attention in the delivery of selected services. For this reason, Lohas Residences is the best choice for people seeking hotels near bumrungrad hospital for staying treatment in the Bumrungrad hospital.