The Hair Transplant Procedure in Thailand

Hair transplants are gaining popularity in Bangkok, Thailand. It is a cosmetic surgery procedure that involves moving hair from one part of the body to another, usually affected by hair loss.
The process starts with the removal of a scalp from a body part with hair, known as the donor graft. These grafts are then moved to the region with little or no hair. The sizes of the grafts vary according to the extent of hair loss. The biggest graft can contain up to 15 strands of hair, while the smallest can have a single strand of hair.
In most cases, a patient might need to undergo several surgical sessions to attain satisfactory results. Surgeons recommend a recovery period of several months in-between these sessions. It can take up to two years for you to see the full effect after multiple transplant sessions. However, this period can be much shorter if your hair loss is not extensive.
The amount of coverage you need depends on the texture and color of your hair. Dark and fine hair needs more coverage than coarse and light-colored hair.
Preparation and Grafting
Before the surgery, the surgeon will shave the donor area. This makes it easier to access and remove the donor graft. The surgeon will inject small amounts of saline solution to ensure that your skin maintains elasticity.
After removing the graft, the doctor will stitch up the donor area. The surrounding hair should conceal the stitches.
The donor grafts are usually placed slightly apart to ensure healthy circulation. These spaces are filled with new grafts in subsequent transplant sessions. After the transplant is over, the doctor may recommend a pressure bandage or allow you to recover without a bandage.
You are likely to feel pain in the transplant site as well as the donor site. Your doctor will prescribe pain killers to ease the pain. You should also take antibiotics to prevent infections and medication to relieve swelling. In some case, you might be required to take drugs that stimulate hair growth.
Once the scalp heals, some hair will fall off. This is to allow new hair to start growing on the transplant site.
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