Fastest Growing Plastic Surgery Procedures in Thailand

There is no doubt that plastic surgery in Thailand is growing annually but what are the fastest growing procedures? You won’t be surprised to learn that breast reduction, liposuction and breast augmentation are among the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures in Thailand but lesser known surgeries are quickly rising to prominence. Below, we look at 5 of the fastest growing cosmetic surgery procedures.

Breast Reduction (For Men)
Men are definitely becoming more aware of their appearance and those who suffer from gynecomastia (also known as man boobs) may feel embarrassed and have a desire to get rid of this breast tissue. While doctors may recommend an improved diet and more exercise, it is hard to remove excess breast tissue naturally so a surgeon’s scalpel is usually the next best option. If you choose this cosmetic surgery procedure in Thailand, expect a one week recovery period and you also need to wear a compression garment for 6 weeks.

Non-Surgical Body Contouring
This is a relatively new cosmetic procedure and some say it was developed as a means of getting rid of the stretched skin effect of gastric bypass surgery. With a greater level of obesity than ever before, drastic weight loss surgeries are becoming more frequent so this procedure was deemed to be a necessity. Innovative new technologies such as ultrasound waves and cooling plates are used.

Brazilian Butt Lift
This is a plastic surgery procedure in Thailand that is also making waves as more women look for that ‘Jennifer Lopez’ or ‘Shakira’ look. It is a procedure designed to make the butt firmer, rounder and more attractive. Implants were once used but now surgeons prefer to use body fat gained from a patient’s liposuction procedure. This is injected into the patient and the effects can be dramatic.

Vaginal Modification
This plastic surgery procedure is also known as labial modification and it changes the vagina’s outer appearance. There are different methods of achieving this; for example, the patient may have her inner labia reduced in order to ensure less protrusion to her outer labia. Alternatively, the patient may decide to use an injectable to enhance her outer labia. In most cases, patients want to have younger looking outer labia and smaller inner labia.

Also known as eyelid surgery, this is yet another popular plastic surgery procedure in Thailand with an increasing number of patients of Asian descent seeking it. It usually involves making a crease in a monolid in order to make the eyes look larger and better defined. An incision is made above the lashline and a fold is created. This is a very controversial cosmetic procedure because by altering the natural shape of the eye, it is believed that Asian patients are electing to conform to ‘Caucasian’ ideals. However, Thailand clinics exist to provide plastic surgery procedures, not to judge patients.

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