Everything You Need to Know About Hua Hin Golf Courses

Hua Hin resort has a plethora of attractions, from its gorgeous beaches to its amusing parks, lively night markets, and pool villas. Hua Hin golf courses, however, are not something to be ignored, attracting visitors from all across Thailand and beyond each year. Here’s all you need to know about these famous green courses.

The Location

Located to the west of the Gulf of Thailand, the Hua Hin resort and Cha Am golf area boast an assortment of some of the best golf courses in Thailand. This region is approximately a 2.5-hour drive away from Bangkok.

The Cost

Premium Hua Hin golf courses like the Black Mountain and the Banyan golf course can cost you around 4000 Baht for golfing, caddy fees, and round trip transfers, while courses like Palm Hills and Royal Hua Hin can cost around 2500 Baht.

Some Notable Facts

• The award-winning Banyan Thailand is a Hua Hin golf course with gorgeous views and tip top condition. It is said to be the most challenging of them all.

• Royal Hua Hin is Thailand’s oldest 18-hole international standard course, situated right in the middle of Hua Hin resort village.

• Palm Hills is the shortest of all Hua Hin golf courses.

• Among all Hua Hin golf courses, Black Mountain Golf Club boasts a reputation of being the best golf course in the Asia Pacific region, and one of the 100 best golf courses in the world.

The Best Time to Visit Hua Hin Golf Courses

Ideal weather conditions make golfing ever so pleasant, although this is a sport which can be played throughout the year. If you want to play golf in perfect weather, any time from November to February would be a wise choice. This is the cool season in Hua Hin with dry weather.

However, if you want to soak up some sun and don’t mind the heat, you should visit between March and May, when it will be warm outside with little chance of rain to spoil your game.

Plan a golfing trip to Hua Hin and experience its sprawling courses to your heart’s content!