AMSAR Committees

Proceedings and E-Journal of the 7th AMSAR 2009 
Conference on Roles of Medial during Political Crisis
Bangkok, Thailand, 20th May 2009 

Compiled by AMSAR Committees

Table of Contents


Ali A Dashti
The Role of Online Journalism in Political Disputes in Kuwait [1] 

Arjun Das
Political Crisis and Media’s Role towards Conflict Resolution: A Study in Indian Context 

Brian Saludes Bantugan
News: Reportage or Reading? 

Bulbul Hasan 
Bangladesh: A paradigm shift in the conventional obstacles of press freedom 
during the ‘caretaker government- 2007-08’: Demanding a new media policy? 

Mark Pearson
Suppression, Privacy, Contempt and Spin: Australia’s Struggle with Censorship in a Western Democracy 

Morragotwong Phumplab
“Viet Nam ???c L??p (The Independent Vietnam)”: Newspapers, 
propaganda and its competence in anti-colonialism (1941 -1945)  

Niel Ni?o Lim
The Media Lens in Question: Exploring Class Consciousness in Reporting National Political Crises 

Prabhash Dalei and Kaustubh Mishra 
Role of Media in a Political Crisis 

Samina Yaqoob
A Study of Media: Role, Analysis and Consequences in the Political Crisis 

Shubham Srivastava 
The Role of the Media in Foreign Policy: A Decision-Making