Advantages to Living in Bangkok While Your Kids Attend an International School

There are numerous advantages to living in Bangkok while your child is attending an international school. These advantages can benefit both you and your children.

One advantage of living in Bangkok while your child attends an international school is that you and your family will be exposed to a new culture. With most people in Bangkok (and all of Thailand, really) following Buddhism, you will get to experience first-hand the influences the religion has had on the country. In addition, you will get to experience Thai culture specifically, including the customs and daily lives of native Thai citizens. You will also learn what it is like to live in a monarchy, and be exposed to the high levels of respect and reverence that the Royal Family holds in Thailand. This in of itself can be an education for your children on top of the education they receive in school.

Another advantage that people with children in international schools in Bangkok will enjoy is that it is relatively inexpensive to live there. Renting apartments or houses is generally far cheaper in Bangkok than it is in countries like the United States. In addition, things like doctor’s visits, dentist visits, and healthcare overall tends to be cheaper in Bangkok. Also generally cheaper is going out to eat, going to the movies, and many other recreational activities. This will help make it easier to save up and be able to afford the fees that you will have to pay for your child to attend an international school.

The weather is also an advantage that people with children in international schools in Thailand will enjoy. It is warm in Bangkok all-year round, and snow is basically unheard of. It is almost laughable to say that there is a “cool” season, as low temperatures rarely ever dip below the low 70’s. Granted, there is a rainy season, but the rain is much easier to deal with than snow would be. This means you almost never have to worry about the weather when your kids are going to school.

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